Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

1. It is compulsory to fill all the fields in the form. Kindly attach all the requisite documents, if required.

2. It is mandatory to provide the mobile number & email ID of the student and the parent/guardian as well. All information in respect of the examination shall be sent through SMS or/and email.

3. If any student fails in his/her school examination, the NLCEE eligibility of any kind shall stand withdrawn and the student shall be disqualified from NLCEE examination.

4. The cut-off score for scholarship eligibility shall be decided by the management of NLCEE at the time of declaration of result.

5. Online enrolment facility is available on our website, where the student can register for the examination after making the online payment.

6. The fee structure is as follows - Rs. 50 only (for girl/female student), while Rs. 100 only (for boy/male students). No offline fee payment shall be entertained.

7. The examination shall be conducted on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) pattern, with a single correct option. Each correct answer shall fetch +4 marks while for every wrong answer there will be a negative marking of -1. No marks shall be awarded for questions that have not been attempted.

8. The examination shall be conducted in Online mode only.

9. The login credentials are fail-proof. Avoid any typos, and be mindful not to use extra spaces before or after the key, check for the Upper or Lower Case letters, Special Characters, etc. In case of any issue, contact the NLCEE support team immediately. No complaints or requests will be entertained at later stages.

10. It is an Online Examination system, fully computerized, user-friendly having advanced security features making it fair, transparent, and standardized.

11. The term-end examination will be conducted in an online proctored mode. Candidate can take the test from the safe and secure environment of his/her home, with a desktop/laptop/smartphone (with a webcam) and an internet connection (un-interrupted internet speed is desirable).

12. Each candidate should log in and appear for an exam between the specified time slots. NO changes in the time slots shall be accepted thereafter for any reason.

13. The portal will close at the exact time mentioned. The NLCEE team will not be responsible for any lack of time and its losses. It is the student's responsibility to keep track of time and be mindful to verify the answers before submission. No extra will be allotted to any student for any reason, whatsoever

14. The username, password, or login credentials will be sent via SMS on the registered mobile numbers. These credentials give you access to enter into the exam portal at the specified time slots ONLY.

15. The NLCEE exam will be held from 21st Jan 2021 to 25th Jan 2021 in three-time slots:

• Session 1 - 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM
• Session 2 - 3.30 PM to 4.30 PM
• Session 3 - 5.00 PM to 6.00 PM

A student can choose any one time slot only. No request for change of time slot shall be entertained. The student must ensure to join at the stipulated time as per the chosen time slot.

16. The result of the successful candidates shall be displayed on our website and an SMS shall also be sent to such candidates, however, NLCEE management cannot take absolute responsibility for delivery of the SMS as it is dependent on network availability and other factors.

17. Scholarship: The scholarship word refers to fee concession, fee discount, fee waiver, awards. If at any point of time the government decides to charge GST or any other tax of any form on the scholarship amount, then it shall be borne by the student/parent/guardian.

18. Prizes: The prizes announced for the top rankers (eg - laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc) shall be given to those candidates only if they take admission in any one of the listed/enrolled coaching Institutes with Edvizo.

19. If in any case, any dispute arises or there is a difference between student/parent and the NLCEE regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions, non-payment of any claim whatsoever, or any other dispute in respect of these terms, the same shall be referred to the sole arbitrator who shall be appointed by the Founder & CEO of Edvizo Media Pvt Ltd. The proceedings shall be conducted at Bangalore under the provisions of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act and the courts at Bangalore only.

20. By registering for the NLCEE you give consent to agree to the obligatory terms and conditions mentioned herein and our official websites.

21. Exam rules are very strict and important, so it must be considered with priority, and any type of negligence is not acceptable.

22. The authorities reserve rights in our sole discretion to change terms, conditions, documents, information, or any other content for the NLCEE, including but not limited to the terms mentioned on the website. Any such modification shall be updated on the official website. You shall revisit the terms and conditions from time to time.

23. No extra attempt shall be provided in case:

• The applicant fails to complete the exam in the stipulated time,
• The applicant fails to comply with the instructions, terms, and conditions,
• The applicant fails to submit the answer in time,
• The applicant faces connectivity or power issues.

24. No plagiarised or copied answers (from books, internet, or other sources), be it short or long answers shall be entertained, and such an attempt will stand canceled.

25. No refund of the Registration Fee shall be made under any circumstances whatsoever. If any student pays the examination fee whether online or offline for the scholarship test and wants to withdraw/ask for a refund before the commencement of the test the organization will not refund the registration fee.

26. If a candidate fails to appear for the exam due to ill health, network/ power failure, urgency/ emergency and seeks a refund, any such request shall not be entertained.

27. If possible, the team may reschedule the exam based on the availability of suitable time slots and seats. This remains completely subjective, and not a compulsion.

28. All prices are subject to change without prior notice by the NLCEE team and other authorities. Any request for cancellations of exam/ refund of fees/ reimbursement or prize variation on the site, shall not be entertained.